Monday, March 9, 2009

Studio Construction Phase One

Two years ago I converted the master bedroom into my studio, and ever since I have been dreaming of the day that I could move into a more permanent and suitable location. Unfortunately, to build something on our property is a challenge because level ground is limited without significantly altering the land and cuting down trees - both of which are out of the question. After some debate with my husband and making a concession on size, we finally agreed on a location. This weekend we broke ground and laid the foundation for a little 8' x 8' Regent II shed from Home Depot. I cannot believe the amount of concrete it takes to build a four-inch thick 64 sq. ft. foundation. We used forty 80 lb. bags of concrete - 3,200 POUNDS of concrete! The shed will be delivered next weekend and takes a few days to construct. I plan on taking pictures and posting phase two of our little construction project. Weather permitting, I should be all setup and fully operational in a month!