Saturday, December 20, 2008

Etsy and the Asheville Etsy Street Team

Last year a friend told me to check out a nifty little website called Etsy. At the time, I was in the middle of an advanced metals class at Earthspeak Studios. I got online and checked out the site. I loved it! The site was a cross between a local arts & crafts bizarre and Ebay. I was spontaneously connected to the most amazing and creative people on the planet who were selling their handmade products. I wanted to be a part of this handmade movement. Without hesitation, though not ready to sell my own creations, I joined Etsy and created a profile. As things go, I got side tracked with other responsibilities and all progress in jewelry making was put on hold. Finally, after a year, I have posted a few of my first pieces of work and spruced up my Etsy page with a new banner. As part of my launch, I also joined a group of local Etsy artisans in an effort to get more involved in events occurring around the region and support the local handmade movement. Thanks to the Asheville Etsy Street Team for accepting me as a new member.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

RDA Get Thumbs Up From City Council on New Signage Plan

The Asheville City Council approved a new signage plan submitted by the River District Artists (RDA). RDA is an organization of more than 100 artisan members and associate members who work, live, and/or play in the River Arts District community. City planner, Alan Glines, worked with RDA and presented the plan to the City Council. Pattiy Torno, owner of Curve Studios, co-founder of RDA, and chair of the River District Design Committee spoke in favor of the plan.

The plan calls for more flexibility within the City’s existing regulations to allow for new signage that will enhance the District’s unique identity. Signs will be established to orient visitors to the area and to provide directional information to key points of interest within the district. New signage will feature the District’s existing logo (seen here).

Monday, September 8, 2008

LAAFF 2008

My friend Audrey (seen here) and I at Lexington Avenue Arts & Fun Festival (LAAFF). It was our first show and we were both very successful. We've got the festival fever!!!